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Hygiene and Sterilization in office


For the safety and well being of our patients, we at Dr.Raj Krishnan’s Clinic take utmost care about hygiene and sterilization.
Most of the items used are disposable. The extraction and various other Instruments are sterilized using Digital Auto Clave, Hot Air Sterilizer, and Glass Bead Sterilizer.
Patients are provided with separate set of fully sterilized instrument. Patients are particularly asked to rinse their mouth with mouthwash containing Chlorhexidine-glauconate, which has bactericidal effect. This helps in reducing the bacterial count, before the treatment
The need for sterilization
The patient’s health is our number one concern. We are dedicated to always stay on top of the latest sterilization techniques. It is ensured that from the water lines to the instruments used in your treatment, everything is thoroughly sterilized for the patient’s safety and protection.
Heat-Steam Sterilization
All instruments and hand pieces(drills) used in this office are Heat-Steam Sterilized, after each and every patient. Other supplies used in the treatment are made of plastic or paper and are used only once, then properly disposed. The metal instrument containers, as well as the instruments and hand picks, repeatedly sterilized after each patient.


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