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Internship Programs

We focus on providing practical exposure to students in the field of dentistry and management through our internship programmes. For the past many years We have been hosting students from across the world, helping them get trained in real world dentistry & management through our internship programme.

Mr. Amit Dattani

Mr. Amit is our intern from London, UK; he is currently studying dentistry in Hungary as an international student. He is an ambitious and enthusiastic young man and has the goal of becoming an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon. He very much enjoys assisting in surgical procedures experienced in the clinic and communicating with patients. This is Amit’s first visit to India and is appreciating the culture.

Mr. Keith Ratcliff

Mr. Keith joined the clinic from Scotland as an intern for one month in dental assistance. He has enjoyed his time in Kerala and within the clinic and feels. This internship has allowed him to confirm his ambition to study dentistry in the UK and taught him about management of dental practice.

Ms. Amelia Powell

Amelia is from Bristol UK as a dental intern and will commence her education at Southampton University. She is a fast learner, good listener and has a good ability to grasp concepts regarding dental procedures. She really enjoys assisting at the chair side and has developed a stronger passion for studying dentistry. Amelia is also very fond of India.

Ms.Lizzie Gliks

Ms. Lizzie Gilks is a dental intern from Southampton U.K. She assists the Specialists in the dental procedures being done in the operatory. Her Internship period is for three months. She Intends to do her graduation from Cardiff University, U.K for a course in dentistry. She is a studious girl and a good listener. She likes to travel and learn about new cultures.

Dr. Arvind Saxena

Dr. Arvind Saxena has completed his B.D.S. from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore and is now doing a dental internship at our clinic for one month to gain skills and experience for leading his own practice in Agra. Dr. Arvind is assisting the dental procedures being done in the operatory. This very skillful young doctor is putting a smile on our patients faces with his charming and his amiable disposition.

Mr. Andreas Kowol

Mr. Andreas Kowol is an Marketing and Business Relation intern from Bocholt in Germany. He is here for a span of 3 months as part of his Business and Marketing study at the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen.

Mr. David Giesinger

Mr. David Giesinger is our intern for customer- and business relations and here for two months. He is coming from Altach, Austria and is a smart, openminded guy. He's enjoying every moment and always willing for a new challenge. His passion is exploring other cultures, especially meeting their people to see their different point of view.

Ms. Anne Bader

Ms. Anne Bader is an intern from Koethen in Germany and completes an Internship in International Marketing and Business Relation of 5 months duration as part of her Finnish-German Double Degree Programme.

Ms. Katarzyna Nowocien

Ms. Katarzyna Nowocien is our customer relations intern. She comes from Szczecin in Poland where she is living and studying. She is doing her last year of master level degree in european studies. Her internship will last three months .She enjoys each moment of her stay in India and is impressed by the variety of this country.

Ms. Maria Braunagel

Ms. Maria Braunagel comes from Ravensburg Germany as an intern in business relations in 2007-2008.She was here for a six month internship. She handled customer relations and business development activities for the Office. Ms. Maria Is a smart witty Intelligent accommodating very friendly girl. She takes life as it comes and enjoys each moment to the fullest. Her special interests are travelling photography and learning about new cultures

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