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The Clinic

Gone are the days of pain and discomfort in the dentist's chair.
Advances in modern dentistry, a committed and caring team of doctors, and a relaxing,
homely environment awaits you at Dr.Rajkrishnan's Dental Clinic; undoubtedly one of the finest dental clinics in the world.

  • The Clinic

    Welcome to a great experience at Dr.Rajkrishnan’s, clinic with a difference. Find some of the best-known treatments for all your dental problems.

  • Reception

    Just walk in and feel the hospitality in the air. The whole ambience exudes warmth and goodwill. The personalized service and care, right from registration to treatment, makes the whole experience, a pleasant one.

  • Waiting Lobby

    Dr.Rajkrishnan and his team believe that the patient-doctor relationship should not end on the dental chair but should be an on-going, enduring one. Keeping this in mind, every care is taken into account to make your visit, a pleasant one. A warm and cozy waiting lounge is provided for the comfort of the patients.

  • Treatment Area

    A treatment area with a difference! Smiling, friendly staff and soft music make the whole ambience soothing. Spick and span with high priority on hygiene, the treatment area provides world-class dental care, backed by high tech equipments and highly qualified doctors.

  • Sterlization

    The clinic follows the mandatory sterilization procedures such as Vacuum Autoclaving, Cold Sterilization, Glass Bead and Ultrasonic Cleaner to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. It carries out the regular discard of the disposables such as the syringes, gloves etc. The clinic undertakes all the measures necessary to confirm the mission of Quality Dental Care and its commitment to society and environment.

  • Kid’s room

    The Clinic also offers a Kid's room, a play area for kids, at the waiting lobby where children can lose themselves in a world of their own. The colorful toys and books take off apprehension from the child's mind while he is waiting to be called into the treatment area. This will also keep the children engaged while your dental problem is attended to.

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