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Metal free restoration


Metal free restoration
What is a Metal free restoration?
Currently there is a number of composite, porcelain and other types of bio compatible, tooth-colored dental materials available. They allow a more conservative preparation, have aesthetic appearance, reinforce the remaining tooth structure and have excellent wear and longevity and at Dr. Raj Krishnan’s Clinic we ensure that the patient is not contaminated by faulty amalgam fillings.
Why Metal free restoration is considered a better option?
The amalgam filling material, an alloy of silver, mercury and other metals, has been in use for decades. When first developed, it had major advantages over other dental materials of the day. It was inexpensive, easy to work with and, when properly placed, could last for many years. However, it also could cause further damage to the tooth because of incompatible thermal expansion rate, developed micro-cracks that allowed further decay and was unsightly, being metallic itself and causing discoloration in adjacent tooth and gum tissues. Most important, it contained mercury.
And now, the precision fit ceramic frameworks are made from a biocompatible material called zirconia, which has a well proven high performance in medical prostheses such as knee and hip joints in conjunction with computer technology, and Zirconia is now transforming the practice of dentistry. Metal crowns and bridges have withstood the test of time, but they are associated with unpleasant allergic reactions and even toxicity. However, Zirconia is a biofriendly material allowing the body to heal at faster rate.
Benefits of metal free restorations:

A metal-free framework beneath the porcelain gives excellent aesthetic qualities to make the final restoration extremely natural    looking.

Zirconia is bio-compatible, resulting in healthier gums which won't shrink away from the crown.

It is a superior fit around the margin where the natural tooth joins the crown, giving a more natural appearance and

  increased protection against ingress of tiny bacteria.

Superior strength from the zirconia framework means even greater longevity of the final restoration.

A metal-free crown helps to insulate the core of the teeth from hot or cold temperatures in the mouth, reducing the pain of            sensitive teeth.

And finally, the metal free restoration definitely takes lesser time in the dentist's chair hence saving time.


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