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Oral Prophylaxis–Preventive dentistry for treatment and control of dental health


The term prophylaxis means prevention of disease .When applied to Dentistry, it includes all measures to prevent oral disease. The goal of preventive dentistry is to assist the patient in either establishing control of his or her dental disease or in maintaining good oral health. Preventive dentistry includes all clinical tests, treatments, and patient education for the purpose of preventing oral disease and supporting the effectiveness of treatment aimed at caries and periodontitis. All patients will receive a careful assessment of their oral health needs and be provided with an individualized preventive dentistry treatment plan.
Some of the duties of preventive dentistry assistance are as follows:

Completes a thorough dental health questionnaire review

Performs supragingival scalings with hand and sonic instruments

Performs oral prophylaxis

Provides nutrition/diet counseling

Applies topical anticariogenic agents

Places pit and fissure sealants

Delivers pre-operative oral antimicrobial rinses

Sharpens and demonstrates proper care of periodontal instruments

Demonstrates proper patient instruction in the use of home care devices


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