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Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment
What is Root Canal Treatment?
Basically a root canal is a capillary, which runs from the base of the root of the tooth to the middle of the crown. The root canal is nothing but a network of blood and nerve cells which carries the pulp thus bringing the tooth to life.
In case the nerve of the tooth gets damaged due to any reason like cavity, the tooth is filled with bacteria due to which the root canal gets inflamed resulting in severe pain. And in such cases the Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is implemented in order to stabilize the position and to avoid the extraction of the tooth.</span> Root canal treatment is directed towards removing diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth and subsequently filling and sealing the root canal space in order to minimize the possibility of future re-infection.
Symptoms to detect a root canal problem could range from occasional sensitivity to hot and cold foods, swelling around the affected tooth, constant throbbing and a dull ache, and pain on chewing food.
Bacteria can invade the tooth through a loose filling, a cavity, or a crack eventually resulting in the destruction of the pulp. The inflammation and infection spreads down the root canal, often causing pain. If left untreated, this may also lead to the infection and the break down of the jawbone causing swelling around the ligament thus loosening the tooth.
Benefits of the Root Canal treatment:
The goal of the root canal therapy is to improve the health of the damaged tooth. The root canal treatment is directed towards removing the diseased tissue or the pulp from the root canals through a small opening in the crown which is first cleaned and disinfected. And then the root canal space is subsequently filled and sealed in order to minimize the possibility of infection in the future.
The tooth is first identified and an opening is made in the damaged tooth in order to remove any existing fillings or tooth decay. Then the unhealthy pulp is removed using tiny flexible files. By using delicate, up-and-down motions, the canals are gently cleaned and the canals are smoothened in order to disinfect them while preparing them for the filling. The canals are then sealed with an inert proven biocompatible material that occupies the space vacated by the removal of the pulp. After the inside of the tooth has been treated, the outside will be restored to protect the tooth’s underlying structures ensuring the functioning of the tooth. And finally, the tooth will be fixed by covering the tooth with a ceramic or metal crown thus restoring the healthy functioning of the tooth


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