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Smile Designing


Smile Designing
What is Smile Designing?
Smile Designing is a concept of esthetics that takes into consideration the various scientific, technical, and artistic elements that are reproduced to achieve esthetic value in harmony with nature. One can improve their looks in a very short time and there is an easy way out with the new generation composites and ceramic materials which gives the dentist the leverage to do wonders with one’s teeth and help them exude a beautiful smile.
The focal points to be deemed for a radiant smile:


•Red Gums

•Crooked Teeth


•Rough space

•Uneven length

•Discolored Teeth

Smile design begins with a decision by the patient to improve their looks. That decision is the catalyst for a life-changing improvement! The external appearance in the business and social world is sometimes directly proportional to one’s success.
Once it is decided to design the smile, the next step would be a consultation with the dentist. The dentist will assess your face shape, lipline, jaw position, and overall look to make recommendations for the smile design. The dentist may recommend that the new look would include a whiter tooth color and a longer tooth profile, since both these things are associated with younger teeth. Usually the dentist would advise the patient to go one to three shades lighter, since the tooth color lightened to the extreme may appear artificial.
Another part of the consultation includes computer imaging which would allow the patient along with the dentist to choose the smile that is ideal for them. Other diagnostic needs might include X-rays and whole-mouth impressions.
The smile design process typically continues with the introduction of porcelain veneers. Though it appears fragile, the porcelain is incredibly durable and strong; it is able to reinforce and cover weak, unattractive teeth and is unable to be distinguished from real tooth material. The strength of porcelain is only matched by the beauty it gives broken, chipped, discolored, uneven, and widely spaced teeth.
The dentist might also use a Diode Laser in conjunction with veneers. The laser reshapes the gumline, re-contouring tissue that has been damaged by gum disease and other issues and regenerating tissue in necessary areas. It can even regenerate bone in some instances. It is possible to reduce the appearance of a "gummy" smile by utilizing the laser and veneers to increase tooth length.


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